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Fishing TV

Welcome to our new and exciting fishing show, YucatanAnglersTV, Yucatan Mexico Inshore Fishing Television! 
The Yucatan of Mexico is a haven for some amazing inshore fishing. Snook, Tarpon, Speckled Sea Trout, and so many additional fish species make the inshore areas a mecca for the avid angler. The shows host and professional fishing guide, Randy Bowser, takes you on a journey into the inshore shallow waters and mangroves targeting these hard fighting species...

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2019 Season 1, 7 episodes have completed the 26 week run on WFN in the summer...Streaming NOW 

Season 1 and 2 on Fishing TV


2020 Season Two Trailer

Watch Now Season 2 Episode 4 - Island of Tarpon 

Special Preview

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